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Tares Media Marketing Company is an internet marketing agency. 

We work with multiple businesses and brands. Discover how we can work together to improve your business.

We are creative professionals who specialise in helping the growth of businesses and increasing the number of potential customers by using the newest strategies, technology and knowledge of marketing.

A Little About Us

We help businesses to develop, grow, and create their personality. The times change but our love for problem solving does not. Technology and innovation are at the core of our mission - bringing your business to the success it deserves using effective marketing. Contact us and let us take care of your brand.

Jakub Tares Media
Jarek Tares Media

What do we do?

We believe that every client is unique. This is why we create unique and specialised marketing strategies that are personally adapted to your business. 

Print Marketing

Bring clients to your business the old fashioned way.

Facebook Marketing

Increase your client base and reach with our help.

Website Marketing

A website is essential for many businesses, we make sure yours is the best it can be.


Contact us

Jakub 07718259363

Jarek 07510033344

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